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Regency Real Estate serves as Orlando's all inclusive real estate agency. Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to delivering a high degree of service and representation in many different areas of Real Estate. Regency Agents have the skills, tenacity, and motivation to get our clients the best price for their investment.

Regency Real Estate is a Real Estate Brokerage established in Winter Garden servicing all of Central Florida, from the coast of Daytona to the Coast of Tampa and everything in between.

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Regency Agents are always up to date with the market trends. Not only are our agents well rounded with the cities we serve, but we also have extensive knowledge of material values of finishes and mechanicals that will determine the value of your purchase or sale. We ensure our client's interests align with negotiations, terms and conditions. Whether you are new to real estate or have a portfolio, we make the complex transaction process simple, giving you transparency, knowledge and confidence from consultation to closing. Regency Agents have a strategic plans for each acquisition, guaranteeing you a successful sale.


Whether you are a seasoned investor or want to learn how to get started investing in real estate, our agents can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Our agents specialize in short-term rental, long-term rental and fix and flip analysis and acquisition. We will leave you with a strategic exit strategy or long-term plan with each property. Regency Agents do more than the average agent as our brains are wired to think like investors, simply because we are investors ourselves. We know your business as it's ours too, so we can represent you in the best capacity to help you grow your asset portfolio.


Commercial Real Estate transactions are complex and a completely different animal than Residential Real Estate. Ensure that you are working with an agent that has experience working in the Commercial world of Real Estate. As your business grows, it becomes a lucrative investment which is why it's so important to be represented by a professional when you are ready for your brick and mortar. Your business is our business and we strive to prove that work ethic to each one of our clients. We are backed by a team of marketing professionals and Real Estate Attorneys to give you the confidence in us to help you grow your business in Orlando and Central Florida.



Regency Real Estate is amazing! We’ve purchased several homes with their agents and they're everything you could ask for in a real estate agent - quick to find the right house, frequent and effective communicator, detail oriented, and an advocate for her clients every step of the way from purchase negotiations to inspection contingencies, they have it all covered. We’ve worked with numerous agents over the years and they don’t get better than Regency Agents. We’d recommend them to anyone, including our own family and friends!

- James B.

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